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Decreasing vision improved by looking at crimson light – Science Daily

Looking at a deep red light for 3 minutes a day can significantly improve decreasing vision, discovers a new UCL-led study, the first of its kind in human beings.

Scientists think the discovery, released in the Journals of Gerontology, could indicate the dawn of brand-new budget-friendly home-based eye therapies, helping the countless people internationally with naturally declining vision.

In the UK there are presently around 12 million people aged over 65: in 50 years this will increase to around 20 million and all will have some degree of visual decline because of retinal aging.

Lead author, Teacher Glen Jeffery (UCL Institute of Ophthalmology) stated: “As you age your visual system declines significantly, especially once over 40.

“Your retinal level of sensitivity and your colour vision are both gradually weakened, and with an ageing population, this is an increasingly essential issue.

“To attempt to stem or reverse this decline, we looked for to reboot the retina's ageing cells with short bursts of longwave light.”

In humans around 40 years-old, cells in the eye's retina start to age, and the rate of this ageing is triggered, in part, when the cell's mitochondria, whose function is to produce energy (referred to as ATP) and increase cell function, likewise begin to decline.


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